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This service provides information and / or alerts (via e-mail and / or SMS), depending on the purchased service level (Silver Base / Advanced / Top), with respect to different combinations of stocks (Portfolio) proposed by Umanot (currently only one Portfolio ITA01).

Book a FREE slot of Consulting & Training with our experts through a Webinar session of 50' on following topics: Physical Analysis, Scientific Finance, Umanot automated trading software performances.

Training on both Physical Analysis principles, methodologies and operative criteria, and Umanot innovative automated trading software characteristics.

Capitale iniziale: 100.000€ - Operatività su 6 titoli (vedi pagina "Osserva Umanot in Azione!") dal 1.1.13 a oggi - Leva 0%

Drawdown max: -14,5. % Non sono applicate protezioni Stop Loss o Trailing Stop.

Umanot applica un Money Management proprietario ("DSV")








The innovative Umanot SW stems from Scientific Finance theoretical and scientific context which establishes a new trading methodology: Physical Analysis.

Scientific Trader

Physical Analysis tools allow for Trader’s key role in a  methodological, professional and relational evolution. Become a Scientific Trader!


UMANOT: a Non-Human Partner for Scientific Trader’s new Life.

Economic well-being and not only

The Human – Non Human Partnership leads to the "Result of the results": a better and longer lasting well-being, and not just economically 

The value of idleness

Being able to laze around is an effective prerequisite for creativity, imagination and for dreaming of better lives, as Bertrand Russell reminds us

Learning and self-learning

Physical Analysis is easy to learn and helps self-learning from our own experiences. Learn how, with our tutorial videos

Why Umanot

The Umanot Project – Trading for Life - was conceived for overturning Technical Analysis key principles, proposing a "Copernican Revolution" in the trading approach

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Physical Analysis

Physical Analysis is not a Technical Analysis linear evolution, rather a copernican revolution which overturns Technical Analysis key principles

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What can Umanot do for you? Login to discover our proposals

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Trading For Life

How much does it costs you gaining from trading, in terms of time spent in front of the monitor, stress, giving up other interests, feelings, entertainments? Although it’s an appealing activity, trading is existentially very expensive, being the "Formula One" of psycho-physical performances

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Connective Intelligence

The growing complexity of finance requires a space for connecting with diversified experiences, also online, able to bring about a connective intelligence which represents a significant value added for our own development, and which is an essential element for surviving, without being overwhelmed, in an increasingly chaotic context

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Do you want to understand the principles of Physical Analysis and of the Scientific Finance?
Do you want to find out how automatic trading software Umanot "reasons" and operationally decides?

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