Physical Analysis

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Short and simple ideas to understand Finance, starting from the scientific understanding of ourselves. Potentialities and limits to see forks, scenarios and the resulting dilemmas, in addressing these ones with optimal decisions and, especially, in their execution-the most difficult task!

Scientific Trader’s DNA – from dices to chaotic attractors

Scientific Trader’s DNA – from dices to chaotic attractors

Nicola Antonucci

“Buy, or not to buy..?” Which are the scientific principles and the Stock Physical Analysis Methodologies used to understand our decisional limits and exploit them in the best way, being aware that: There is no wind that blows right for the sailor who doesn't know where the harbor is. Seneca The future is not what it used to be Arthur C. Clarke I've seen things you people wouldn't believe Blade Runner (1982)…?



Do you want to understand the principles of Physical Analysis and of the Scientific Finance?
Do you want to find out how automatic trading software Umanot "reasons" and operationally decides?

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