Due to both nature and purposes of Umanot, the purchase of any Service is subject to the full acceptance and respect of certain documents.

In summary:

1) Disclaimer;

2) Privacy policy;

3) Umanot Use and Service Sale Conditions;

Please, therefore, view them carefully, because they ARE CONSIDERED FULLY ACCEPTED AT THE MOMENT OF THE PURCHASE OF ANY SERVICE.



1. The amounts are exclusive of 22% VAT 

2. Validity of price list 30.09.2016;

3. Matters not expressly mentioned in the offer are excluded. 



You may pay through:

-          our e-commerce platform (get into any service box)

-          bank transfer.


To pay by bank transfer, please follow these easy steps:

1. Read this page carefully to learn about all the services and their price;

2. Complete the service purchase with direct bank transfer as follows:

  • Payable to Umanot Srl.
  • IBAN: IT83Q0306909469100000002678
  • Bank transfer DETAILS:  Name / Company, purchased service, length of service, any discount code you entered during the purchase. 

3. Notify the bank transfer by email to Staff (, reporting the above bank transfer DETAILS;

4. Staff will send you as soon as possible via e-mail the access codes to the purchased services. 


For specific requests:



Do you want to understand the principles of Physical Analysis and of the Scientific Finance?
Do you want to find out how automatic trading software Umanot "reasons" and operationally decides?

You will receive the access link to the webinar via WebEx