Umanot vers. 2.9 operates with a first level of Money Management, starting from 20% of invested capital, decreased by 15% the quantities of identical successive operations. If you wanted to work, pay close attention to this aspect for your personal Money Management!

IMPORTANT: Umanot vers. 2.9 work WITHOUT ENTERING  STOP-LOSS or TRAILING STOP, left exclusively to the care and operating practices of the reader.

For any operation that the player will decide independently and responsibly, Umanot Srl will be considered free from any involvement, responsibility and conditioning.

We recommend that every reader of this page to fit any investments, that will decide independently and without any indication about by Umanot Srl, to its risk.

IMPORTANT: The reading of this page implies the acceptance by the reader of the document "DISCLAIMER" of UMANOT SRL, which can be found at the following LINK



Do you want to understand the principles of Physical Analysis and of the Scientific Finance?
Do you want to find out how automatic trading software Umanot "reasons" and operationally decides?

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