- Purchasing: blue arrows with written "Buy xxxx" (xxxx = quantity purchased in accordance with the Money Management criteria currently used ).
- Sales: red arrows with written "Sell xxxx".
- Every Sell (or Short), the current version of Umanot, closes all earlier Buy operations and opens a market to Short operation. And vice versa, for each Buy.
- UMANOT, therefore, in this version, it is always "in the market"; in a future release, however, it will be only partially "in the market" according to advanced criteria, coherent to the Physical Analysis, StopLoss, Trailing Stop, Advanced Money Management .

IMPORTANT: the images and the operations shown here are made WITHOUT ADDING STOP-LOSS or TRAILING-STOP, left exclusively to the care and operating practices of the reader.
- Positive / Negative Transactions : highlighted by dotted oblique lines (green: transactions closed in gain; red: operations closed at a loss; no oblique dotted line: operation pending / open to be close).

- Horizontal dashed lines: 4 types of Attractors (see: Physical Analysis) which: Long-attractor (dashed blue), attractor-Short (red), open Gap (purple), open pseudogap (yellow). N.B .: the"pure"  Attractors (green) are not highlighted here.
-  Behavioral Symbols (eg .: B, AE, D, etc ... - see: Physical Analysis): UMANOT observes and records, recording a 9 Behavioral Symbols (not shown here), the behavior "Here & Now" bar quotes around the attractors, without any numerical processing of data passed. From the reading of these symbols, UMANOT understands and learns the complex evolution of the Shares - "Here & Now", without distortion algorithms, or mass media influences.

- "Glitch": this term refers to a discontinuity of volumes, classified into 4 types (see: Physical Analysis, where the volumes represent the most critical information, by measuring the Energy of the "physical phenomenon" observed).
IMPORTANT: For a complete knowledge of the terminology, the operating criteria and the  physic principles of  Physical Analysis, you can:

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