Trading is a fascinating activity which, in the collective imaginary, is perceived as job freedom and flexibility, combined with earning opportunities. Therefore, it is a highly "sought-after" business for these very same characteristics, which make it especially appealing. The dark side of the moon —that is, the downside for those who practice professional trading— are the existential costs that often jeopardize traders' quality of life. Solitude, social isolation, giving up interests, relationships and fun: these are the aspects that affect a human existence limited, at least up until now, by the paradigm of Technical Analysis. This analysis implies observing many (too many!) indicators, mainly computed from stock  prices based on too many subjective parameters to be assessed over long series of  data. This relentlessly takes a toll on mind and hormones in what is one of the most complex and difficult human functions: decision making. The result is extreme psychological and physical stress, up to forms of addiction and even “self-slavery” to the monitor.

The Umanot Project – Trading for Life - was conceived to overturn the foundations of the Technical Analysis, proposing a "Copernican Revolution" in the approach to trading. The DNA of the project is perfectly represented by the following logical sequence:

- from the theoretical and scientific context of Scientific Finance® (Theory of Complexity, Theory of Games, Cognitive Sciences) comes a new operating method, derived from Physical Analysis®;

- the conceptual differences between Physical Analysis and  Technical Analysis are listed as follows:


  • too many indicators
  • empiric
  • subjective parameters
  • numeric processing
  • indicators derived from stock prices
  • existential cost: monitor addiction
  • few operating criteria
  • scientific
  • objective criteria
  • behavior recognition and understanding
  • pure trading volume data
  • a Non-Human Partner to rely on


- from these premises, springs the development of a Non-Human Partner, that is, advanced "Umanot" software which simulates "human-like" behaviors, like:

  1. observing pure data of both trading volumes and stock prices without heavy processing — which could distort them— of long series of data;
  2. recognizing and understanding the “here&now” behavior of several stocks in parallel by using its own language  of just 9 Symbols;
  3. “reading” the ideal behaviors the Trader is looking for from the string of Symbols, in order to operate in the most secure way;
  4. self-learning, thanks to its ability to “read” and correlate the here&now behaviors with the upcoming stock trends; 
  5. collaborating with the Trader in defining, identifying and exploiting the most reliable and profitable behaviors in anticipating next  trends evolution, and above all their outcomes;
  6. requesting the conscious decision of the Trader only when it "gathers" the ideal behavior s-he was looking for. 

- Umanot therefore becomes the most valuable ally of the Scientific Trader®, allowing for a better lifestyle, less limited by the PC monitor, and therefore geared towards more free time for one's interests, relationships and social life;

- Last but not least, the "Result of the results", both from an individual standpoint for the Scientific Trader®, and for the common good: more, longer lasting Well-being, and not just financially. 

It is important to specify that Umanot SW IS NEITHER for sale, NOR may a license be granted. It is used exclusively by Umanot Srl to produce studies, analyses and reports that are purchasable —some are free of charge— from the  website.







Do you want to understand the principles of Physical Analysis and of the Scientific Finance?
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