Complexity and trading: combined with automated trading!

Dear Trader,

we have already shared that:

  1. Trading is a profitable business with freedom, flexibility and professional and existential autonomy;
  2. Trading, however, has also high existential costs (stress, monitor slavery, psycho-physical exhaustion, etc ...);
  3. We need therefore a non-human partner (automated trading systems) very advanced to be able to focus and act only if and when you need it, without being subdued to too many titles and / or too many hours in front of the monitor!
  4. Trading requires – unlike misleading advertising boasts of: study, study, study!

We Humans can’t, nor should we, forgo study, knowledge and, above all, Consciousness!

What does the Consciousness has to deal with Trading ... ?! A lot!, aAs exemplified by the episode of Neil Armstrong during the first moon landing in history (20 July 1969) [excerpt from " Dalle Balle alle bolle: la finanza sull’orlo del caos – con elementi di analisi Fisica "]:

Neil Armstrong, during the landing of the lunar module "LEM" - fully automatically controlled by a computer that you would throw in the trash comparing it to your modern palmtop - had to intervene with a manual landing because of the excessive flow of data for the processor because of an unexpected change of route imposed by the presence of large boulders in the point of landing. That's what Consciousness is: limited, defined and extemporaneous interventions to fill the gaps of the automatism, in certain situations. [EXCERPT END]


Then, a real ComplexTrader must study the fundamentals of Scientific Finance and Physical Analysis to free themselves from all the manipulations that 50 years of technical analysis allow to the "handlers".

Here is the advent of Umanot -a complex synthesis of human and Robot- today possible thanks to recent scientific findings reached both on the actual mechanisms of financial issues (Scientific Finance) and on the criteria of their ability to be ridden rather than predictability (Physical Analysis of the Attractors).

All this is for both a more stable and continuous economic viability of trading, and a logistics freedom to carry out the activities from the location will suit the most your existential needs.


How to benefit from this in practice ...?

Read here: LINK

Ad maiora!

Nicola Antonucci

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