Existential cost between earning opportunities and self-slavery risk

Trading is a fascinating activity of freedom! That is why you already do it or you want to do it.

However, trading is also the Formula 1 of the psyco-physical performances, with incessant and intense stress of our neural and hormonal system, during one of the most complex and stressful  human functions: making decisions.

Trading is, beyond doubt, a possible source of income, but only when you are able to combine theory and practice, discipline and experience, psycho-physical health and scientific culture.

As every Trader knows, even without knowing Complexity and Fractals, the profit is realized at any  time-scale, working daily, hourly or even every minute.

This scale invariance, typical of fractal patterns, allows a first advantage: it’s possible to use the same criteria in every temporal dimensions.

This allows a second and decisive advantage: the more I reduce the time scale, the more I increase revenue opportunities.

Income Opportunities based on time scale

As shown in this stylized graph, if I buy at 1 and sell to the end of the period at 2 I gain 1. If I reduce the operating ranges, then I can already sell at 1.75 and then buy back at 1.25 and resell at the end of period at 2, with a total gain of 0.75 + 0.75 = 1.5 (50% more than before!).

If I intervene also on the  reduction  with a short trade, I gain an additional 0.5 and the total earnings increase to 2, that is 100% more than before!

However, a more frequent decision-making, for more gains, implies greater psycho-physical stress. The study, even minimum , of Complexity  and Game Theory  and Cognitive Sciences can save the Trader from excessive psycho-physical stress.

The Physical Analysis, based on the principles of Scientific Finance, allows the Trader to take a cognitive approach to complex games, essential for riding complex and unpredictable financial waves. Moreover, the Physical Analysis, thanks to the extreme simplicity of its criteria, allows  to create advanced software able to take also, a cognitive approach to complex games, but applied at a decision frequency humanly unbearable.

Only a healthy alliance with our Non-Human Partner,  i.e.an advanced software, will actually save the Trader from excessive psycho-physical stress and even from self-slavery to  the monitor.

The Scientific Trader, for his well-being, should learn the basics of Scientific Finance and share them with a special partner, which is capable of both "human-like"performances and other performances beyond human ones!

 Human and Robot

The metaphor that I propose to represent this special Human - Non Human "dialogue", is the first lunar landing of the Lunar Module, when the on-board computer, after the unhooking from Apollo 11, was able to pilot the spacecraft "almost" to the lunar surface. In the final phase of the operation, in fact, the identification of large boulders on the landing area imposed a change of trajectory, that the poor computer of 1969 failed to manage, requesting human attention and intervention. Then, at that time, and only at that time, Neil Armstrong intervened , to manually pilot the Lunar Module successfully.

The same Team Human and Non-Human has to be recreated from the Scientific Trader, relying on a Non-Human Partner which is able to perform some human-like activities, such as:

  • observ the discontinuity in volumes and understand the behavior of prices around the attractors, but with rigor and tireless beyond-human;
  • read these behaviors and correlate them to subsequent developments, also  on numerous titles in parallel, and therefore:
  • self-learn possible improvements, greatly facilitated in this by the "Copernican revolution"  of the Physicals Analysis,i.e.: the simplicity of the criteria applied to any time scale, and the cheapness of data focused on the "here & now";
  • decide, with a " human-like" cognitive approach to complex games, but with a decision-frequency beyond-human;
  • operate autonomously in the great majority of cases.

Do you have this dream?

This is a big Dream to be realized, existentially even before than economically, because the biggest risks, that actually grow with success, are:

  • loneliness
  • the difficulty in socializing
  • the sacrifice of interests, affection, amusement.

Are you worried about these risks? Or do you want, more wisely, to prevent them?

We can prevent and even remove them totally  - together!

Human and Robot

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