UMANOT: a Non-Human Partner for Scientific Traders’ new life

Human and Robot

To find his way to healthy life, without high existential costs, the Scientific Trader needs a special Partner:  he can’t do it alone, due to growing finance complexity.

A Partner committed for hours and hours, days and days, to desktop observation – on your behalf!

A Partner who takes care of evaluations and decisions, every day, every hour, and even every minute – on your behalf!

A Partner that is there, that doesn’t get tired and doesn’t complain… unlike we do!

 A Non-Human Partner, i.e. an advanced and “almost intelligent” software. Maybe you already know and use advanced software, but probably none of them is your… Human-like Partner!

An advanced software which is able to learn some human functions like:

  • observing pure data of volumes and prices avoiding data-distortion computing;
  • understanding the current/”here and now” behaviors avoiding long time series analysis.

Physical Analysis facilitates such learning phase, thanks to an extreme synthesis of scientific concepts which provides few and easy criteria: only three types of discontinuity of the volumes, and only 9 price behavioral symbols around the Attractors.

ŬMANOT, the software which has learned Physical Analysis methodology, is able to simulate the Trader in front of the desktop observing the pure behavior of the volumes and the prices, and   doesn't need derived and, for this reason distorted, indicators.

ŬMANOT creates a sort of “Symbiosis” between the hUMAN (with some of his cognitive functions) and the róbOT (with its multitasking hard work).

ŬMANOT aims to be the best technological and cognitive symbiosis between  YOU-human and the NOT-human robot.

So, ŬMANOT, thanks to both the “almost-intelligence” and  the learning ability which stem from Physical Analysis methodology, is able to:

Umanot Learning Ability

  • observe and record the behavior of several stocks simultaneously  through its own code of 9 symbols;
  • read” from the symbols strings the ideal behaviors that you are waiting for in order to operate safely;.
  • self-learn, thanks to its ability to “read” and link the current (here&now) behaviors with the subsequent trends of stocks;
  • cooperate with you for defining, finding out and using the most reliable and profitable behaviors that anticipate the turning points of trends, and especially their results:
  • Inform you, through a simple image, about the ideal behaviors you wish, only when they happen.

According to these theoretical (Theory of Complexity) and technological basis (Software UMANOT), the Company UMANOT Srl delivers efficient services for the  Wellness - not only economical - of Traders:

  • Simulation & Benchmark of Physical Analysis, for evaluation related to your algorithms which are based either on Technical Analysis or on personal criteria of yours;
  • Alerts on ideal behaviors that you are waiting for in order to operate in a reliable way;
  • “Connective intelligence” forum where you can learn, share, develop the Knowledge about both Physical Analysis and UMANOT Software;
  • Training, or online consultancy (on Skype), on both  Physical Analysis and UMANOT Software.

Important: Umanot software is NOT for sale or licensed, but it’s used exclusively by the Company Umanot Srl  for generating studies, analyses and reports that can be acquired, some of them for free, from the website


The Value Added of these services is made-up by:

  • simplicity of principles and criteria, according to a physical-scientific approach to finance, compared to empirical and discretional approaches;
  • freedom from desktop, thanks to UMANOT’s  “almost-intelligence” on observing and understanding stocks behaviors;
  • more free time and stress reduction, thanks to the cooperation with your Non-Human Partner “UMANOT”, that will require your conscious involvement only when strictly needed;
  • protection of your conscience which is no longer affected by a large number of information and decisions;
  • new scientific view of Finance, both for riding financial phenomena, instead of foreseeing them, and especially for vaccinating you against several  “mental viruses” able to influence your decisional abilities;
  • economical wellness – but not exclusively!
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