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IMPORTANT: The risk of losses arising from investments in the financial markets can be considerable. You must carefully consider whether such an investment is appropriate to your needs in view of your financial condition and personal resources. It is highly advisable not to invest capital that you cannot afford to lose. This site is not responsible for any results obtained by you in real financial operations, and assumes no responsibility for the correctness of the data shown, damage, economic losses, direct or indirect damages arising from the use or disclosure of information contained in this site.


 IMPORTANT: Umanot web site provides automatic analysis and decision making over financial instruments based on Umanot software (so called “RoboAdvisor”). Any reader or user of such analysis or decision information is therefore fully aware of this automatic process and fully accepts any responsibility for any consequent operative decision. Any reader or user of such analysis or decision information does not consider the company Umanot Srl responsible of any loss or damage.  



IMPORTANT: Any reference to Laws and Regulations is relative to the Italian legislative context. 


1 - Subject


1.1 These Terms of Use ("Agreement") govern your access to and use of the website umanot.com, or .com or .net, (hereinafter also the site), as well as the services provided by Umanot from the Site.



2 - Description of the service


2.1 Services provided by Umanot consist of a IT platform that allows its users (hereinafter, also the authors) to obtain, in various media formats and through various communication channels, and to publish and make visible the Net Contents, intended as analysis and / or financial studies, with particular emphasis on trading, as well as articles, videos, projects, information, actions, events, suggestions and / or ideas in any way connected to these analyzes and / or studies, in order to create a collaborative environment for sharing experiences, initiatives and projects.


3 - Registration


3.1 The Services are for users, individuals or legal entities that use the platform for purposes both professional learning and dialogue on economic and financial topics.


3.2 The Company reserves the right not to accept applications for registration or to terminate without notice from a relationship already established whenever a user does not qualify or no longer qualifies clearly on the basis of his personal data.


3.3 By registering on the Website or using any of the Services, the User enters into a legally binding contract with the Company; the contract will be concluded upon acceptance by the Company of the request to join one or more of its services.


3.4 The agreement between the Company and the User is regulated by the General Conditions of Use and Sale of the platform, the Guide Behaviors Corrected, the Privacy Policy, as well as offers specific techniques and / or Economics.


By registering and using any of the Services, you state that you have carefully read these documents, accepting fully the content.


3.5 After concluding the agreement, the user accepts the burden print these documents or store them on another durable medium.


4 - Account


4.1 Adhering to the Services, you will have a personal account through which may publish and / or share the contents of his interest.


4.2 Access to the account will be done through the inclusion of credentials (username and password) for each specific user.


4.3 Upon account activation, the User agrees to use his real name and provide us with accurate, truthful and up to date; each user can have more than one account at a time.


4.4 Once the account is activated, the user is also committed to:


- Guard and keep secret the credentials;


- Prevent others from having access to the account or to use it in your place;


- Sell to a third party your account.


4.5 The User will be directly responsible for all activities that occur through your account until it is closed, except for the event that will be able to provide evidence that the account has been breached without his fault; in the case of misuse of the account for purposes contrary to the General Conditions of Use and Sale, the Guide Behaviors Corrected and / or the Privacy Policy, the Company may, at its discretion, limit its functionality, suspend or close it permanently.


5 - Intellectual Property


5.1 All content available on the Site, in the form of text, images, sounds, videos, logos, etc ..., are protected by copyright and may be used only within the limits set out below.


5.2 is not transferred any rights in the material protected by copyright outside of what is described here.


5.3 The complete or partial reproduction, communication, making available, transmission by conventional or electronic, processing, translation, adaptation, modification and, more generally, the use of content for public purposes commercial or require prior authorization by Umanot and, if required, of the authors.


5.4 as above, access by framing, deep-links or inline-link to the Site and its contents, as well as downloading or printing for private, non-profit, subject in both cases' obligation to report the source as more fully described hereinafter, are allowed.


5.5 Any form of exploitation of the contents, outside the normal use of the same for private use and not commercial, to be considered as expressly reserved by the Company and / or Authors.


5.6 Notwithstanding, it is permitted to quote an extract (less than 20% of the text and / or data constituting a content), for professional purposes, presentations, articles and other specialized training material on the Site, unless otherwise stated Author (and / or the Company), with the obligation to indicate the source in a clear and visible, given the expressive form of the document in which the quotation is given; the wording for the citation is as follows: SOURCE: www.umanot.com or the specific URL of the document cited.


5.7 It must be understood also expressly prohibited the disposal of any indication as to the copyright or other phrases entered by the author and / or the Company, or the removal and / or tampering of the security measures applied to the content for purposes of protecting the rights intellectual property.


6 - Economic conditions


6.1 Use of the Services is subjected to approval by the Company of a fee (compensation) to the extent and in the manner specified in the Offer Economical which form an integral part regulated in the General Conditions of Use and Sale.


6.2 The fee may be recurring or one-off, depending on the nature of the services available and the option chosen by the User.


6.3 It is understood that the delay in payment of the amount due after the deadline will result in the Offer Economic automatically applying default interest to the extent specified in the Legislative Decree n. 231/2002, without the need for any prior warning and / or notice of formal notice; It is without prejudice to the claim additional damages claimed by the Company.


6.4 Late payment shall entitle the Company to terminate without notice the provision of its services for the User in default until the time of actual and full payment of the amount due, including any interest on arrears accrued in the meantime.


6.5 Notwithstanding the foregoing, after more than thirty days after the expiration of the term of payment without the User has in the meantime taken steps to settle the amount due, the Company may terminate the contract in accordance with and for the purposes of Art. 1456 cc without any notice to you at any of the contact details provided at registration; It is subject to the right to compensation for all damages suffered by the Company.


6.6 The Company will offer the User a refund of the amount paid only in the event of breach of the obligations imposed on itself under the Act and / or the General Conditions of Use and Sale; no refund will instead be required or will be guaranteed in the event of non-use of the Service, or dissatisfaction not related to a breach of the Company.


7 - Responsibility


7.1 The Company diligently care correctness and updating of their services; provided, however that users use, publish and / or share your Content under their direct and exclusive responsibility, without any filter or prior checking by the Company; the latter, therefore, can never be held responsible for any illegal conduct in place by a User through the Services in violation of the Act and / or the Terms of Use.


7.2 Umanot provides the platform in mode "as is" without any warranty about  the completeness, timeliness and accuracy of information made available, having regard, in particular, the content delivered directly by the authors, their suitability and / or capacity to allow the achievement of certain goals and objectives that may be pursued by the user through their use.


7.3 Despite the security measures taken, Umanot can not guarantee that the content on the Site is free of viruses, worms, Trojans and other potentially harmful components. The company will never be responsible for the inability to access the Services or other disruptions due to acts of force majeure such as network failures, disruptions of service providers, brownout of the electrical network, wars, strikes, floods, earthquakes , etc ...


7.4 It  is excluded, to the extent permitted by law, the liability for direct and indirect, from the users or third parties during the use of Umanot. Your use of the Website and / or the information provided on or through it is solely at your own risk. Umanot assumes no responsibility or co-responsibility for the acts or behavior of users or other persons based on such information. This applies regardless of whether the information has been provided by Umanot, by one of his associates or by Users.


7.5 At any time, the Company may temporarily suspend the provision of the Services to perform maintenance or upgrades to introduce and / or improvements; in these cases the User will be notified in advance, only through the home page of the Site, on the timing and duration of the interventions but will not be entitled to any form of compensation or compensation.


8 - Limitation of responsibility


8.1 If the Company is recognized by a judge or by another competent authority, as responsible for the damages suffered by you, you acknowledge and agree that the measure of compensation due to him in no case exceed the total of the amounts actually paid to Umanot for the use of its services.


9 - Complaints


9.1 If a third party or a user believes that his rights, including those related to intellectual property or privacy have been violated through the Site, may complain to the following email address: staff@umanot.com


9.2 In the case of complaints about the alleged infringement of intellectual property rights, its communication must be signed with advanced electronic signature or digital or manually (in the latter case, however, you must attach a copy of a document of identity in progress validity) and must contain at least the following information:


- The description of the rights that are assumed violated;


- The exact URL of the page containing the disputed material;


- The statement in good faith that the material in question is contrary to the rights of the trademark owner;


- The declaration, pursuant to and for the purposes of Articles. 47 and 76 of DPR December 28, 2000, n. 445, being aware of the penalties for false statements, to be the holder of the rights violated or who take to act on the express authorization of the proprietor (the latter must be attached the act from which the powers of representation).


9.3 will not be taken into consideration complaints without an accurate and documented the alleged infringement or, in the case of complaints relating to intellectual property, the information provided in the preceding paragraph.


9.4 Following a complaint, the Company reserves the power to suspend and / or permanently close the account of a user if this is essential for properly implementing the General Conditions of Use and Sale, to guide behavior Fixed and / or the Privacy Policy.


10 – User’s rights, duties and warranties


10.1 By subscribing to our services, the Company grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, to view and use the services provided through the Site under the conditions of this Agreement.


10.2 the user in turn agrees to comply with all its obligations under a load due to the General Conditions of Use and Sale, the Guide to Fixed Behaviors, Economic Offer and the Privacy Policy, in consideration but not limited to ' obligation to provide correct and truthful information, use the platform exclusively for the purposes set out in this agreement, not to infringe the rights of third parties, to maintain a correct behavior towards the Company and other users, to pay regularly and in full the amount due for the paid services.


10.3 Whenever the user provides, shares and / or one or more public Content through the Site, the same represents and warrants that:


- The content and the information does not violate the law or the rights of third parties, having regard, by way of example, to the rights of intellectual and industrial property;


- Is entitled to all the rights, licenses and permits needed for reproduction, publication and making available of content and information on the Site;


- The content and the information does not contain violent material, vulgar, obscene, sexually explicit or discriminatory on the basis of race, language, gender, religious affiliation, political, trade union and for any other reason;


- The contents do not relate to confidential information or secret information;


- The content and the information does not affect the image, dignity, reputation and / or dignity of persons, physical and / or legal persons, and in any case do not disclose personal data relating to minors or other third parties who have not served the their consent to treatment.


10.4 At any time, the Company reserves the power to remove, obscure, and permanently delete any data without prior notice and / or information published and / or shared in contrast to the provisions above.


10.5 You agree to indemnify and keep harmless the Company, its employees, partners, representatives and / or assigns, from and against any loss, damage, costs, penalties and / or expenses, including legal, arising for effect of an action taken by a third party or from another user as a result of the violation of the Law, of the guarantees described above or of the General Conditions of Use and Sale and / or the Guide to Correct Behavior.


11 - License granted by Users


11.1 You remain the owner of its contents published on the Site at any time and you can proceed to their cancellation, modification and / or replacement by the special features of the Platform.


11.2 By posting Content through the Site, the Author hereby grant to others a license to use the terms and limitations set forth in art. 5); The author acknowledges and agrees that no liability can be attributed to the Company for the use of the Content by other users, even after they have been erased.


11.3 Notwithstanding the foregoing, the user grants to  Umanot a worldwide, unlimited, open-ended, free, irrevocable license for the use of Content, in any form or for any purpose, including commercial or however, direct advertising, including the right to sublicense, reproduce, publish, making available, editing, processing, translation, adaptation, creation of derivative works, inclusion in databases, etc ..., except for uses involving sun a lesion image and / or decorum personal and / or professional user. You agree and acknowledge from the outset that, following the closure of the account and the subsequent termination of employment, Umanot will continue to publish the contents, using them even for the purposes of advertising.


12 - Website and third party content


12.1 The Website may contain information and content provided by third parties in the form of ads, banner ads, etc ..., including links to their sites.


12.2 however Umanot has no control over such content neither of those present on the target sites accessible from umanot.com through links or other connections; For this reason, accessibility and / or viewing of such content on the Site should not be construed as a form of approval or endorsement by the Company.


12.3 Umanot assumes no responsibility for any damage caused to users due to the vision and / or use of the information, content and / or services made available by third parties through banners and / or hyperlinks on the Site.


13 - Data protection


13.1 Umanot is committed to treating the data of the Users in accordance with the provisions of applicable law. The data will be treated in the manner and for the purposes defined in the Privacy Policy. Personal data provided by users will not be transmitted and / or disclosed to third parties, except in cases where this is specified and, if necessary, with your consent.


13.2 The User is solely responsible for the data that the public shares or through the Services; so each user is required to evaluate carefully any its contents before publishing, as the same may accidentally reveal any confidential and / or sensitive (for instance health status or membership of a trade union ) or information of a personal nature relating to individuals who have not given their consent to the processing of their data.



14 - Confidential communication


1.14 Given the risks associated with any communication transmitted through the Internet, the Company invites Users not to send confidential information via e-mail or via the contact form. All information that are received through these channels will not be considered as confidential, and will therefore not be treated as such.



15 - Duration and Termination


15.1 The agreement between the Company and the User will become effective upon acceptance of the request to adhere to our services and will be considered valid and effective for the period stated in the Commercial Offer.


15.2 Upon termination for any reason of the effects of the contract User's account will be disabled, resulting in the cancellation of all the data associated with it, except for the possibility for the company to maintain data and information that they are justified for billing needs , for the protection of rights or for other needs, as indicated in the General Conditions of Use and Sale / or in the Privacy Policy.


15.3 The Company may terminate the contract for right cause. Among the reasons for just cause are listed but not limited to the total lack of cooperation by the user for effective implementation of the communication plan, the publication by the User's content that violates the provisions of paragraph 10.3 of this Disclaimer etc. In such circumstances the Company will be entitled to reimbursement of expenses incurred and to compensation for the work done. The Company will reimburse the customer only any royalties or fees paid in advance, in respect of which no activity has been paid. The right to terminate the contract must be exercised by the company so as not to prejudice the User, giving him notice in writing, via e-mail with acknowledgment or by registered / or PEC, with a 10 days-notice at any of contact details provided at registration. The effects of withdrawal from the day following receipt of notice of withdrawal resulting from the receipt returned to the Company or by the confirmation email.


16 - Changes


16.1 Umanot reserves the right to modify at any time the Site and / or services offered through it.


16.2 For unregistered users use the Website in any case involves the acceptance of the conditions contained in this document, as applicable.


17 – Distinctive signs


17.1 Except for Content posted by you directly, all brands, graphics and sound, the interface, logos and other distinctive signs on the Site are the exclusive property of the Company or its licensors, and their Use shall be construed expressly reserved on the part of the titleholders.


18 - Applicable law and dispute resolution


18.1 The agreement between the Company and the User is governed by Italian law.


18.2 Any dispute arising between the parties in relation to the formation, interpretation, validity, effectiveness, termination of the agreement, will have jurisdiction exclusively to the Court of Milan.


19 - Contacts


19.1 You can contact anytime Umanot to the following e-mail: staff@umanot.com.


19.2 Umanot srl It is an Italian company with headquarters in Via Caravaggio 5, 20144 Milan, P. IVA 08862510966, registered with the Register of Companies of Milan, REA MI - 2054423




20 - Various


20.1 The official version of the General Conditions of Use and Sale, the Guide to Correct Behavior, Privacy Policy and all other documents applicable to the relationship between the Parties is written in Italian; the Company is free to provide a translation into English or any other language; However, in case of conflict between the two versions, it will always prevail that written in Italian.


20.2 The Agreement is not intended to create any relationship between the parties to the joint venture, agency, representation, association or under a Contract Party shall be authorized to act on behalf of and / or on behalf of the other.


20.3 Given the personal nature of each account associated with a user, it shall not be entitled to assign the contract or the rights and obligations arising from it.


20.4 The User hereby authorizes the Company, without the need for further specific consent to assign the contract or the rights and obligations arising from it to other companies in its group or to entities to which in the future will be sold or rented for the company or resulting from the merger, division or incorporation, and, more generally, to any third party.


20.5 The Parties agree right now that any invalidity of any provision of this Agreement shall not result in the nullity of the whole contract.


20.6 Any allowance of the violation of any provision of these Terms of Use will never be understood as a tacit waiver of rights arising from provisions breached.









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