• Buys: blue arrows with “Buy 1000” notice (always 1000 stocks, because UMANOT doesn’t manage an effective Money Management yet. It’s planned in the next version.)
  • Sell: red arrows with “Short 1000” notice. 
  • Every short, in the current version without Money Management, closes all previous Buy operations and opens a Short operation at-the-market price. And vice versa, for every Buy.
  • So, UMANOT, in this version, is always “at market”; in a next version, it will be only partially “at market” due to advanced criteria, consistent with Physical Analysis, of StopLoss, of Trailing Stop, of Money Management.
  • IMPORTANT: the images and the operations shown are e WITHOUT ANY STOP-LOSS OR TRAILING-STOP INSERTION, left to reader’s practice andcare.
  • Positive/negative operations: highlighted by oblique pointed lines (green: profit-closed operations; red: loss-closed operations; absence of oblique pointed line: operation still open with potential profits or losses).
  • Horizontal hatched lines: 4 kinds of Attractors (see: Physical Analysis) as: Long-Attractor (blue hatching) – Short (red), open Gap (violet), open pseudoGap (yellow). Please, be aware that the “pure” Attractors (green) are not shown.
  •  Behavioral Symbols (ex.: B, AE, S, etc.) - see: Physical Analysis): UMANOT observes and records, writing 9 Behavioral Symbols (here only 5 are shown), the behavior “here&now” of the price bar around the Attractors, with no numerical elaboration on past data. From the reading of those Symbols (still partial in the current version), UMANOT understands and learns the complex evolutions of Stocks – “here&how”, without algorithmic distortions or Mass Media conditioning.
  • “Glitch”: this term means Volumes discontinuity, in one of the 4 kind categorized (see: Physical Analysis, where Volumes represent the most important information, representing the energy of the “physical phenomenon” observed).


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